ETS2 - Kraz 255/258 Truck (1.41.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Standalone truck
Volvo Dealer
Added a variant of KrAZ 258
Interior with DLC Cabin support
Custom sounds
Own wheels
Tank for 1000 liters
The registration of engine characteristics has been clarified and improved, the original YaMZ-238 diesel engine has been added.
A little more CP options.
The shine of the interior parts of the cabin was significantly reduced, and it was almost like a mirror.
The truck is registered in a separate slot.

Minor fixes.
Does not support advanced coupling, disable it in the settings
Support for an advanced coupling is currently rather formal, since there are no trailers with the right chassis height.
Sovtransavto skin for Kraz255

Version 05.09.21:
– now KrAZ has his own new camera
– added a new lighting format
– fixed windshields inside the interior.
– aesthetically improved view from the exterior and interior of the truck.
– added 62 rusty skins in HDR format for any choice.
– improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.
– removed a defect from the sun’s rays that were not reflected on the front mirrors.
– added support for the interior of the camera for VR glasses-this is the type of Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2.
– added two types of steering wheels with the star of the USSR in the center, install only 1 mod
– added 6 types of braids for the steering wheel with a choice of icons in the interior.
– added 8 types of professional engine sounds in FMOD format-CAT-C15[6NZ], CAT-3406, CAT-3408 [2-type], CUM-NTC, CUM-N14, Detroit Diesel-S60 and a new KrAZ sound.
– added the KrAZ 255-258 cab template for creating skins
– added a mod for supporting off-road chassis for SCS BOX Standard trailers (Author: Kish88)

Credits:koral, _69_mf_, Anatoliy7469, serox, kv0, funyash update, update of sounds of one version of Maxagen engines

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