ETS2 - Kenworth K200 Truck V14.5 (1.36.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Occupies a separate slot
- 2 Cabins;
- 5 Chassis;
- Own interior;
- Tuning;

Is a set of skins;
- Have your own wheels;
- Added DLC Steering Creations Pack;
- Support for advanced coupling;
- Support for trailer cables;
- Support for cabin accessories;
- Support for National Window Flags DLC;
- Added to the orders of the companies;
- Presented in the Gallery;
- Real engines, transmissions, sound, interior.

Updated to ETS2 v1.36

Bug fixes: minor edits, adaptation to DX11;
Additions: SCI Steering Wheels DLC + Steering Wheel Knobs, registration in the orders of agencies in the UK;
Revision: collision of the track, advanced coupling system, compatibility of tuning elements with the chassis and among themselves;;
Changes: duplicate parts were removed from the track, interior and exterior model files, and the files themselves were split
in two, in order to reduce their size to the limit set by the game, in order to try to eliminate lags in time
game time;
Deletions: part of unused files.


jekich1, Oleg Verhovodov, SCS: - 3D model.
Smith: template, help in creating animations, etc.
Oleg Verhovodov (Fire-Blade): interior model, modeling.
Mikhail Verhovodov: converting to a game, connecting materials and textures. Animation. Bake.
Virat: steering wheel simulation.
Evelin_Sophie: creating a set of skins. Testing.
kriechbaum: sounds, engines and transmissions.
Mick Brown: technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson: technical support.

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