ETS2 - Freightliner FLB Truck (1.36.X)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Freightliner FLB V2.0.8 edited by Mootill, Harven, & Lucasi, Paradox

Paradox changes:
--== v2.0.8 (ATS/ETS2 1.36) ==--
Fixed for 1.36 ets2 game version
Sold in mod truck dealer
Useless mat s deleted

Mootill's changes:
--== v2.0.7 (ATS/ETS2 1.35) ==--
Fixed incompatible image error on mudflap icons (resized to 256x64)
Added period correct apportioned plates
Reduced filesize of mod from 521mb to 133mb!
Included updated template

Harven's changes:
--== v2.0.6 (ATS/ETS2 1.35) ==--
- Compatibility update for game version 1.35,
- Updated models and animations to latest format version,
- Updated wipers definition

Credits:Harven & more,Paradox

Today Downloads: 3

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