ETS2 - Freightliner Classic XL (BSA Revision) 1.39.x

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The updated Freightliner Classic XL truck from the modding team from BSA Revision. Mod features: Autonomous Freightliner car dealership (mod dealer) 3 cabins: 70 "with middle roof and raised roof, 84" lift with raised roof 3 interiors with cab options 8 chassis Engine sounds in new FMOD format Painting support Your skins Advanced hitch Cable support Glass animation support Own tuning Freightliner wheels Smoke DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Grips DLC Cabin Accessories support Supports SCS pneumatic signals Warning flags and front banners included Small lights included Added to gallery Added to agency orders

BSA Junk Yard Revision:

Models and clash fixes, DX11 adaptation

84 "Raised Roof Sleeper cab with interior, 275" chassis, multiple shades for some parts and for all accessories, some interior accessory items, support for SCS pneumatic signals for the middle cab, collision models for all pillars; license plates, side boxes and battery boxes, side straps / rims, air vents and sleepers rivets, warning flags, front banners, smoke for all exhaust options; new options for taillights, tanks, hood mirrors, headache pillars, painted options for air filters and light panels for them, painted instrument panel
Cab wall with replaceable spare wheels (for 282, 288 and 320-inch chassis)
Metal fenders with rear wheel mudguards in two versions: with and without sliding ladder and handrail (for 288-inch chassis)
Stroboscopic lights in headlights as an addition to beacons (for 84 '' cab)

Truck, interior, models of accessories and files, clutch system, models, collisions, shadows

Mod structure and internal name to prevent conflict with other Classic XL with other Freightliner truck mods, Mid-Roof, drive axles

Credits:Softclub-NSK - (Truckers 3) Oleg Conte, Sergei Baltazar - some parts Kriechbaum - some sounds Ventyres - Wheels odd_fellow, Evgeny Rudakov, memes, Drive Safely, Sliipais, Nikola, Custom Truck ATS - improvements and adaptations for different versions of the game Used some parts or elements from trucks RTA-Mods, Freightliner FLD 120 from Anton Aronson and KW_Driver, Freightliner Classic v1.0 edited by Carlos Modification and assembly of this version of the mod: blacksitearea

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