ETS2 - Fix Industrial Zone V9.0 (1.39.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Fix Industrial Zone 9 for connection

Russian Spaces v9.0" + RusMap 2.3.1.
Russian Spaces v9.0" + RusMap 2.3.1. + Piter_For_RusMap_2.3.1.
Russian Spaces v9.0" + RusMap 2.3.1. + ProMods-2.51

This add-on connects two maps "Russian Spaces" and "RusMap" by land
Between the maps are two industrial zones where many companies are located. The new industrial area has poor asphalt roads.

There are three files in the archive

PROMZONA 9_1.39_ROS_RM for combining Russian Spaces and RusMap (with other maps without ProMods)
PROMZONA 9_1.39_ROS_RM_PITER for combining Russian Spaces and RusMap + Addon Petersburg and Vyborg for RusMap
PROMZONA 9_1.39_ROS_RM_PR for combining Russian Spaces, RusMap and ProMods

Version 9.0 Changelog:
Adapted for the new version of the game.
Adapted for the new RusMap 2.3.1. and Promods 2.51.

Credits:MOROZOV (Pavel)

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