ETS2 - Daimler Freightliner Inspiration (1.37.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Standalone truck, purchased in Mercedes.
- Own interior.
- Own sound.
- Skins.
- Tuning.
- Your wheels.
- A large selection of accessories in the cabin.
- Registered in the gallery and in the orders of agencies.
- Added 5 Speed gearbox from Stewen Edit.
- Rewritten one engine to a more powerful one for transporting heavy loads.
- Rear camera: the mod must be higher than the truck. To work, turn on the hud mirror (one click F2). Then enable it with the "O" button (the beacon button). The image depends on the choice of main mirrors.

There are 3 files in the archive (Arranged in the Manager in order, from top to bottom:
1. Freightliner_Inspiration_SISL.scs: adds additional accessories to the cab.
2. Freightliner_Inspiration_rear_camera.scs
3. Freightliner_Inspiration_for_ATS_dmitry68_v2_0.scs

Credits:Model: Felipe Conbar, dmitry68.
Skins: Felipe Conbar, stewowe

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