ATS - Ushington Beta11 - Reforma Edition (1.42.x)

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Ushington is a fictional map addon for American Truck Simulator. This island nation off the coast of California features rational city designs, vast suburban roads, and memorable rural destinations. Unlike other fictional maps, this mod aims to create a realistic experience while remaining fictional and fun.


​BETA.11 General Changes:
– Hw-8/Hw-9 interchange partially reworked
– Removed invisible walls
– Dolgate reworks
– Beginning of Ush/US border rebuild
– Major progress on Services (rest area) near Hw-8 Ushtondike
– MAJOR signage overhaul
– Some city names finalized
– Southern extension
– Mexican expansion: Baja Ushington, Tipito city (ferry to Reforma)
– Removed unused assets (file size greatly decreased)
– Separation of Reforma edition, instead of the patch
a. Connects Ushington/Tijuana/I-8 to San Diego (same as Ush+PaZz+VM patch)
b. Connects Tipito to Ensenada (Baja California) and Mazatlán (Sinaloa) with ferries
c. non-Reforma version still requires Mega Resources


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