ATS - Real Company Logo 3D V1.7 (1.38.x)

American Truck Simulator Mods

Version 1.7 Changelog:
- Upated company defs to 1.38 standards
- Added Circle K gas staion  {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Added HollyWood Sign {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Added Chevron signs  {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Added  mutt_578d to cat_785c  {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Added constuction vehichle textures  {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Added train logos {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Prefab service & vineyards  {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
- Some textures from  ATS Real Logo {Keeper}
- Changed abq_cargo entrance sign to UPS Cargo Center (3D models)
- Changed Avalanche Steel : Schnitzer Steel (3D models)  building_sign_01 TODO
- Busnell Farms bushnell_farms_wall_plane (3D models) TODO
- Changed  Farmers Barn to Tractor Supply Co (3D models)
- Changed Fish Tail Fooda to Trident Seafoods (3D models)
- Added General Mill to arrows & billboard (3D models)
- Changed Haddock Shipyard to Vigor (3D models)
- Changed Heartwood Furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries  (3D models)
- Added missing  Home Depot (3D models)
- Changed Olthons Homes to D.R. Horton  (3D models)
- Changed Page & Price Paper to Georgia Pacific  (3D models)
- Changed Phoenix Freight to Phoenix Sky Harbor  (3D models)
- Changed Sea Horizon to Horizon Yacht   (3D models)  TODO
-Changed Steeler to Evraz  (3D models)

Companies Changelog:
42 Print : Staples
ABQ Cargo : UPS
Avalanche Steel : Schnitzer Steel
Bitumen : Kiewit
Buchnell Farms : Cascadian Farm Organic
Charged : Best Buy
Chemso : Chevron (by satan19990)
Coastline Mining : BHP Billiton
Darwing = Boeing
Deepgrove : Zena Forest Products
Dugheou Uzaeu : E&J Gallow Winery
Eddy's : Walgreens
Fish Tail Foods = Trident Seafoods
Galon Oil : Texaco (by satan19990)
Global Mills : General Mills
Haddock Shipyard : Vigor
Heartwood Furniture : Ashley furniture Industries
Home Store : Home Depot
Machinery Service : Caterpillar (CAT)
Oakland Port : Port Of Oakland
Olthon Homes : D.R. Horton
Page & Price Paper : Georgia Pacific
Phoenix Freight : Phoenix Sky Harbor
Plaster & Sons : Centex
Portland Cargo Central : Port Of Portland
Rail Export : BNSF
Sea horizon = Horizon Yacht
Sell Goods : Fedex (by satan19990)
Steeler : Evraz
Sunshine Crops : Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
Tidbit : Whole Foods Market
Voltison Motors : Tesla (by satan19990)
Wallbert : Walmart

Credits:P16, satan19990, Pedro Martins & 4K Modding

Today Downloads: 2

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Dr Duck
Dr Duck
2020-08-06 02:55:41

Converting prefab error in console--your versions for certain map objects are an update behind and it drops FPS. Please fix.

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