ATS - Project NYC - 1:1 Manhattan, New York V0.1 (1.43.x)

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The city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle where dreams are made, is coming to American Truck Simulator! Traverse in the bustling and crowded streets of Manhattan and possibly in the future the other boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. You might be wondering if the 1:1 scale includes every single road on Manhattan, the simple answer is no.

Most important streets will be included but not all the east-west streets will be created, this is due to the fact that there are several hundreds of those. You might be wondering how on earth am I
supposed to create Manhattan, and I thought so too first but turns out that the recent DLCs released over the few years has added a bunch of art deco, modernist skyscrapers and other nice buildings that are all I need to create a believable NYC. This project will be for those that want a challenging trucking experience. You will need quite a strong computer to run this with a lot of traffic.

Credits:stoked_dude ( mapping )venom34 ( 3D-modelling and prefabs )

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