ATS - Peterbilt 386 + Interior V1.4 (1.37.x)

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What got fixed in Build 4:
Fixed Truck Dealer definition on not being able to find truck with other mods regarding Peterbilt Dealer.
Template got updated! Hood piece between hood and cab got re-mapped. Along with various minor template fixes. (Thank you Tyrone’s Booth!)
Ability to change grille styles (no bars or 3 bars)
Def file fixes
Retarder removed from all transmissions
Skin 3 fixed missing stripe along back of cab for all variants
Sideskirts, emissions boxes, and exhaust underwent model and definition upgrades.
Template fix on painted emission boxes
Deranged_Maester thank you for helping with the Cabin definition issues! I had no clue how to repair that. Thanks again!
Added rear work lights

Lightmask issue for interior mirrors!
A few other template fixes that don't affect current skins (crunched on time this time around)

Here's a few key points to know about this mod..

-Can be found at Peterbilt dealers and also under "Access Mod Dealer" Issue regarding truck not being found at dealer when using other mods that affect Peterbilt dealer has been fixed!! Now works with other mods as well.
-Made to run either with Robinicus or Krechibaum's sound packs for 1.37.x
-Has a template included!
-Multiple chassis options both stock and painted
-Multiple cab options
-Custom accessory nodes featuring antennas, lights, lightbars, bumpers, tanks, etc
-Based off the SCS Peterbilt 389 so a lot of parts may work for this truck. (except fuel tanks and step boxes)
-Truck and trailer chassis options!

Credits:R.Modjeski (sib3rius on Steam, headmaster of project, made lots of parts from scratch, also produced textures)
Colonel (hood and stainless bumper)
SCS (base model, a lot of parts, engine defs)
Colt/Pioneer (a couple visors, fuel tanks, fenders)
Sisl (CB Radio)
Harven (parts)
Tyrone's Booth (skins)
Christian Exe (Tank skirts and step boxes)

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