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Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker Trailer - This mod makes the SCS Fuel Tanker trailer ownable and working with the cargo market. Beta version has support for the regular length fuel tanker and the long fuel tanker.

Features mod Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker Trailer:
- beta version
- Standalone
- Changeable wheels
- Skinnable
- included companies skins

I am releasing this as a BETA version because the basics of the mod work. I still have a lot more I want to do before I release an "official" version, but it may take weeks to accomplish those things since they are all new to me and will take some time to learn. I know some people were really excited for this mod, so I did not want to keep them waiting longer than needed.
DISCLAIMERS (Because this is a beta version)

One of the things I want to do before the official version is remap the trailer and create a template for it.
For now, the trailer is technically skinnable, and I have included a few skins, but there is no template, the skins may distort on the long tanker trailer, and the colors may be slightly off. If you decide to do skins now, they will need to be re-done when the official version is released.
Currently included are the in game company skins, Chemso ltd and Gallon Oil, as well as 2 skins I made, one for Chevron and one for Texaco.

I have plans to add more skins for real companies before the official release, but I want to wait until the remapping is done.
Because this is a beta version, it may not be up to my usual quality of my mods.
This mod has been tested on a clean profile, but it has not been tested as thoroughly as I usually test my mods.
It has NOT been tested with any of my other mods, nor with any other mods in general. So if you discover any issues, try to increase the priority in mod manager.

Credits:DNA Transport

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