ATS - Montana Expansion Map V0.7.9 (1.38.x)

American Truck Simulator Mods

Completely rebuilt US 2 entrance to Spokane

Version 0.7.9 Changelog:
Fix for flying trucks in Missoula Parking lot
Removed a hole in the East side area of Billings
Various works

Improved Glendive
New farm North of Glendive
Intersection on Bozeman removed
Fixed landscape omissions in Miles City
Removed 2 train stations in great falls to fix errors they caused
Most cities now have speed limits in the city
2-lane highways have a proper speed limit of 70 mph (car) and 60 mph (truck)
Error correction

Fixed an issue where North Dakota was not displayed on the freight market screen
Added the Montana / Dakota border
Removed 3 sectors used in the North project -
Various map settings in width

Work has started in the Williston area
Added US 2 highway from Williston to Minot (not active yet)
Added US 52 highway from Minot to Portal (not active yet)
Added Mt 5 highway from Plentywood to Westby, (not active yet)
Added US 85 highway from Williston to ND 5 added (not active yet)
Service added to Billings
Dealership, service and garage added to Williston
Added Culbertson, re-scaled the Mt Rest Area
Added St Mary and Mt
Kalispell fixes
Added signs in the Billings area
Fixes for the company in Big Sandy


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