ATS - Driveable Street Sweeper V1.0 (1.40.x)

American Truck Simulator Mods

It is the ai street sweeper but driveable. ‘Bout as simple as that.
The model is just the SCS ai model, with some modifications and extra configuration options.
Enjoy being able to drive around in and maybe bully the ai with a street sweeper.

– Custom engine sounds + engine
– Partially redone lightmask
– Slot option for cab roof lights
– 3 Mirror options – Regular(AI texture), Paint, and Chrome.
– 2 Bumper options – Regular, Chrome custom
– 2 Side handle options – Regular, custom(both chromed).
– Functioning rear amber light bar

Chassis Options:
– Regular 4×2
– Hook 4×2 if you want to use it with trailers
– Rear Steer 4×2. Have fun.

Things to be added:
– Support for cabin accessories and Steering Creation DLCs
– Custom interior
– Beacon options
– Horn options
– Some touch ups here and there, mainly tuning the lightmask a bit
– Come up with a way for actual loads to be done with it, likely not possible until SCS implements rigids.


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