ATS - Custom Undermount Cables for Ownable SCS Trailers V1.0 (1.41.x)

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To take advantage of this mod you will need a truck that supports undermount cables.
Also note this is only for ownable trailers and these will not show up in the Freight Market.
All ownable trailer configurations have the undermount cables. On configurations with multiple trailers, only the trailer that hooks to the truck have the hidden cables all the rest of the trailers use the normal standard cables. To use these cables just go purchase a trailer and pick the Chassis with Hidden Cables in the name.
****Also note some trailers the cables will look sort of messed up in the shop, they are fine when you are using the trailer it just gets weird in the shop for some reason.****

Trailers Currently Supported:
Food Tanker
Bulk Feed
Log Trailer
Livestock Trailer

Also added lift axles to the spread axle configurations and then on the scs box I added a new mudflap configuration that adds mudflaps to both axles on the spread configurations.


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