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If you wanted to haul goods between the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, then this map is for you! The Caribbean Map for ATS will feature new countries to explore in ATS including The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and more! This area for sure deserves representation in our vibrant ATS community! This will be an addon map to the ATS map, not a standalone map, while respecting the same SCS scale.

All ATS DLC's required
Although C2C is not a dependency, it is strongly recommended to download it as a ferry port has been created in Fort Lauderdale connecting to the rest of the islands. If you want to do a job from the Caribbean to the US mainland, then you'll need C2C

Tested Version: 1.39


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Vinny C
Vinny C
2020-11-07 20:02:00

ATS 1.39 ATS 1.38 Orginal Discord

2020-11-07 20:08:08

The video you used is not the official video of my team's mod we created. It does not reflect our map properly at the low settings used, as well as not utilizing the proper background map. Use this video to preview Caribbean Map:

2020-11-07 22:09:46

This mod is stolen. You can find the right download links here: Version ATS 1.38: Version ATS 1.39: Or join Discord:

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