ATS - Bellingham Heights Improvements V4.1.3 (1.38.x)

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Version 4.1.3 Changelog:
Redone Burlington's problem

Version 4.1.2:
- fixed gap from the left of entering the farm.
- added speed limit on the rural roads to the farm (I think that 60 could helps you to "leave" your suspension parts straight on the road, ha ha)
- done some cosmetic changes for the farm to look more attractive and not so empty.

Version 4.1.1:
- Corrected some minor small things near fields of the farm
- Now the fields are looking not empty (they are contain corn and wheat on itselves)

Version 4.1:
- scenery town Burlington (on I-5 between Everett and Bellingham) are turned to active town
- one of farms near Burlington came alive - we can deliver cargoes and take them there now
- bugs and mistakes fixing

Version 4.0:
- New town Glacier with two companies for delivering cargoes
- New eastern part of WA-542 road through Glacier straight to Mount Baker view
- New part of mountain forest road which connects the road hidden by SCS with WA-542 road on North
- Correcting bugs which was found by me and reported earlier by another ATS truckers
- Some cosmetic corrections on previously released roads (WA-9, Middle Fork valley, Mosquito Lake rd)
- Truck stop at the end of the WA-542 road on a hill with beautiful view to Mount Baker.

Version 3.1:
- Parking spot near one of house in Middle Fork Valley town has added
(for roleplay situations with using non-truck modded vehicles)
- Some small polishing edits.

Version 3.0:
-Continuing of Mosquito Lake Rd. down to South - South-West to connect it with WA-9 Rd.
-Rest Area and view point from the hill on my small town "Middle Fork Valley" near Mosquito Lake Rd.
-Continuing of WA-9 rd. up to North
-Adding a little piece of WA-542 Rd.
-Adding of scenery town Deming
-Improving scenery town Wickersham (rail road has been added)
-Some small improvements in road signs and road marking.
-Small updates to correct some bugs and mistakes on the map.

Version 2.0:
- New WA-9 Road from Van Zandt to WA-20.
- Also some new roads near Bellingham, near WA-20.
- Some more road sign improvements on WA-20 near I-5 and on SCS's road which has unhidden in the mod.
- Improvements on default SCS's landscapes for better looking from WA-9 and other new roads.

Here is short description of what has been done:
- New semi-fake town "Middle Fork Valley"
- Some part of "Mosquito Lake road" near Middle Fork Nooksack river.
- A little bit improved unhidden road from Bellingham to Deepgrove company (some road signs were added or improved)
- Road signs edited near Everett, WA ("Darwing" writings on road navigation signs changed to "Boeing" ones)
- The roads between Bellingham and Deepgrove company, also roads near Astoria, Coos Bay, detour rough road on OR58 are made visible on the map.
- Parking spot near a house in Redmond, OR (this town are not visible on map, it located to north from Bend, OR. I made it just for myself use for playing roleplay situation of living there).


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